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Can It Be Clean Please?

Cleaning window

Cleaning window

We ‘ll keep on hammering the same nail but we can do way better when it comes to reprocessing endoscopes. This worldwide problem is frequently addressed at in specialized press but reaches almost never those persons who are at serious risk: the patient! An article in ENDOProMag is hitting the nail on the head:

Cleaning Efforts For Scopes Not Enough To Vanquish Bacteria

“Physicians, other caregivers, hospitals and regulators should be paying keen attention to this issue, as patients have a right to assume that clean instruments are being used on them”, said Cori Ofstead, the study’s lead author and an epidemiologist at St. Paul, Minn.

Since 2015, lawmakers and government regulators have been investigating a series of outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” across the country tied to scopes. Most of the scrutiny has been focused on a specific device known as a duodenoscope, which is used to inspect and treat problems in the gastrointestinal tract. It has been tied to at least 35 deaths in the past four years. “Those dirty scopes shouldn’t be in use. I’m amazed the gastroenterologist could even see anything because the lens was covered in so much crud. The insides look pretty gruesome, too”, Michelle Alfa said.

Most of these issues are related to insufficient manual precleaning as this is a stage in the reprocessing of an endoscope which takes a lot of attention. The manual precleaning is a 100% depending on the person who should follow all steps as prescribed by the endoscope manufacturer. Why should we keep on putting this responsibility on the shoulders of these members of hospital staff who are doing their best to perform in difficult circumstances with devices that are containing a lot of human debris? Although this stage in reprocessing requires the utmost attention to pass through every step of the manual pre-cleaning.

At UltraZonic we developed a device that’s taking away the human factor in this stage and we can assure that each and every step in the manual pre-cleaning is done as it should be every single time again.

No budget to invest in patient safety? We don’t accept that excuse and offer you Endo as a Service (EaaS).

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