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Aftermovie endoscope educuation day
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Endoscope education day @ UltraZonic Academy

Last Saturday, the 7th of March, we organized an education day filled with interactive lectures and workshops regarding endoscopy reprocessing.
The following issues in particular were addressed at the hearing:

  • Endoscope microbiological sampling
  • The do’s and don’ts in endoscope pre-cleaning. Every step must be performed! If not, disinfection will not be achieved
  • The ABC in detergents
  • The rise of the single-use

The following emotions prevailed after this most pleasant experience:

1 – SATISFIED: For the smooth flow and organization of the education day. We truly had a blast!
Together with AIEVV, we enjoyed a pleasant cooperation. Already looking forward to the national endoscope education day this Saturday, held in the University Hospital in Brussels. In this ‘business’, we really need to support each other in order to increase patient safety.

2 – GRATEFUL: For all the attendees, mostly endoscopy nurses and CSSD employees, for finding the time in their busy schedule to attend this event. We were pleasantly surprised  to see their great enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Also many thanks to Drs. M. Jungblut for the interesting lecture on detergents, presented by her in an interactive and pleasant way.
And lastly we would like to thank our Dutch distributor Rescope for guiding the attendees through the functioning of our Endo device which, pre-cleans endoscopes semi-automatically. Being experts on endoscope repairing, they can only welcome such a device as it drastically declines the number of damaged endoscopes.

3 – MOTIVATED: to keep on organizing these education days. When receiving feedback like:
– “What is a cleaning valve?”
– “Oh, do you really need to perform ALL these steps in pre-cleaning?”
The cry for education couldn’t be any louder. Many questions were asked, and answered. But it shouldn’t end here. It is imperative to keep sharing knowledge and keep investing in thorough training as it pays off in the form of human(patients) lives. Knowledge should be shared, and companies should definitely play an additional role in this matter. So, definitely to be continued…