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Press: “People have already died due to poor hygiene of endoscopes.”
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Microbiological sampling still proves be one of the most difficult and controversial areas of infection control in endoscopy.

During this procedure, samples from endoscopes, such as duodenoscopes, colonoscopes, bronchoscopes, and of automated flexible endoscope reprocessors (AFERs) are collected en tested. This quality control measure is performed as a quality control measure to verify cleaning and sterilisation processes and the integrity of the internal channels of the endoscope.

The microbiological testing of the endoscope includes the collection of:

A) Endoscope channels

– Suction/instrument channel

– Air-water-channel

– Elevator channel

– Separate flushing channels

B) Swabs from endoscopes surfaces

– Control part

– Distal end

– Channel openings

– Elevator on duodenoscopes

C) Test of washer-disinfector

– Sample from last rinsing water from washer-disinfector

Microbiological surveillance proves to be up most important step towards a patient safe world. To measure is to know.

In order to save time, UltraZonic is happy to introduce you to the Endotest. This a user-friendly, microbiological endoscope sampling kit where only 1 employee is needed to perform the sampling.

Specifically to reduce the time and cost associated with collecting the biological samples that are required to be collected every 3 months for Colonoscopes/Gastroscopes and every 4 weeks for scopes that require sterilisation.

Through the design method of the kit construction, following are some of the benefits
we believe this product will bring your department:

• Only one staff member is required, increasing department productivity and reducing department operating cost.
• Completely sealed collection device, designed to give minimum access to sample ensuring a more accurate result and
reducing the possibility of false positives.
• A complete sterilised kit is supplied containing all associated connections and parts, including sample vessel, sterile wrap
and accessory pack (scope dependant) with connections to accomodate channel connections to the water supply.
• Sample is collected by using the supplied sterile syringe.
• Sample is collected with the scope laying flat on the bench reducing risk of injury to staff and damage to scope.
• All standard Luer lock fittings are used in the design to enable easier use through familiarity.
• Compatible with all brands of scopes when the correct connection kit is used.
• Sample labeling will be supplied with each vessel.
• Hospital only needs to supply sterile water used to irrigate channels
for test and sterile gloves.
• Easy sample access for lab technicians.


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