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New in Our Product Range: 3 Step Solution

3 step solution for disinfecting

3 step solution for disinfecting

We’d like to present to you our newest product in the range: the 3 step solution. The 3 wipes provide a 3 step solution for cleaning and high level disinfecting non-lumened medical devices.

Step 1: Pre Clean Wipe
First step in the decontamination process – a non-woven detergent wipe, effective in removing organic and proteinaceous matter from the surface of the medical device prior to disinfection.
Step 2: HLD Wipe
A non-woven sporicidal high level disinfection wipe. Effective against spores, mycobacteria, bacteria, viruses and fungi in 60 seconds. No messy activators or wetting required. Non damaging to delicate equipment and no harmful gasses released when used unlike other peracetic acid or chlorine based wipes.
Step 3: Rinse Wipe
Third and final step in the decontamination process – a non-woven wipe impregnated with de-ionised water, for removal of chemical residues from the device that has been disinfected.

3 step solution if for high-level disinfection of non-lumened medical devices. For example:

  • Ophtalmic devices
  • G.I. high resolution manometry catheters
  • Nasendoscopes (ORL/ENT)
  • Transoesophageal cardio probes (TOE/TEE)
  • Trans-vaginal and trans-rectal ultrasound transducers, including area of IVF

What’s in the box?

  • 30 step 1 detergent wipes
  • 30 step 2 high level disinfection wipes
  • 30 step 3 rinse wipes
  • Instruction sheet
  • Audit record book

All of this for a very economical price! Ask for your quote via info@ultrazonic.com.