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UltraZonic in the Belgian Quality Media

Article in the Trends magazine

Article in the Trends magazine

Exciting news! We’ve got a little feature on the Belgian financial quality magazine ‘Trends’. As the article analyses the success story of start-ups in Sweden, our CEO Nancy gives her opinion on how Belgium needs to take an example on this straightforward business model. Innovation is key so let’s keep on spreading this message.

Click here to read the full article. Enjoy your lecture!

For our foreign friends, we’ve translated the text (in the blue frame):
“If I could redo it, I would start my business in Sweden”, says entrepreneur Nancy Steenbakkers, who founded UltraZonic with her husband and also traveled to Stockholm. “When I return to Belgium after traveling, I always wonder how on earth it is possible how time stands still in Belgium. In Sweden everything is made much easier for companies. If you have a plan, you will immediately get in touch with the competent authority. The road to investors is also much more difficult in Belgium than in Sweden.” Start-ups can go to their municipality for free advice. Almi is an investment fund of the government, which is an intermediary step for entrepreneurs to the private capital market. Thanks to a Swedish contact I’ve made at the largest medical exhibition, I could make a couple of arrangements with some Swedish hospitals. It made it easy for her to explain to them why her automated pre-cleaner for surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes is safer than the manual way in which instruments are normally cleaned. “Nowadays, that contact is our distributor for whole Sweden”, says Steenbakkers, whose start-up, which has been active for two years and has five employees, looks closely at the Northern European market, because hospitals place higher demands on patient safety. There are also clear laws, which is much less the case in Belgium and Southern Europe according to the entrepreneur.