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We’ve Got Mail!

Article in Voka - Part 1

Article in Voka - Part 1

📬 We’ve got mail! 📭 Check out UltraZonic’s 4-page feature in the March edition of the Belgian business magazine “Ondernemers” from Voka – Kamer van Koophandel Antwerpen-Waasland. 📓 Give it a read and let founder Nancy Steenbakkers guide you through UltraZonic’s journey from building its innovative medical cleaning device prototype in their garage, to finally breaking through internationally. It’s not always easy being a startup in Belgium (also more about that in the article!). But hey hard work, driven by passion, pays off! 👊🏻

We’ve translated some interesting facts:

Did you know Nancy studied for shoemaker? Afterwards she was offered a high-prestige job as shoe designer in Milan, but unfortunately she wasn’t allowed to go from home. It was a little later, during her first job as a dental assistant, that she discovered her second passion: finding innovative cleaning solutions for medical instruments.

In Belgium UltraZonic already has a few references, but further progress remains difficult. 1 hospital on 3 is in the red numbers. There is not much investment space. That is why they now focus on the international market. And with success! They can hardly keep up the international requests.

What amazes most people is that everything is 100% made in Belgium. From designing, assembling, and in the end the implementation of the data software system. Logically this results in the fact that our devices are situated in the higher expensive product class. But that is a cost that they easily earn back in time and considerably less manipulated scopes due to incorrect cleaning.