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About us

We are a Belgium based hi-tech R&D and manufacturing company specialised in infection control technologies. Our team has built experience in the medical sector during the last decennia. The mindset of our company focuses on flexibility and problemsolving on all levels.


A new (r)evolution in endoscope cleaning

As a technician, doctor, infection control specialist or other healthcare professional using endo- scopes, guaranteeing a clean endoscope is a major challenge. The complexity of flexible endoscopes requires extra attention and accuracy when cleaning. Take responsibility, and ensure instruments are cleaned precisely. Every cleaning step must be observed before high-level disinfection.


A new (R)evolution in the cleaning of medical devices

Cleaning medical instruments in the medical industry is often a compromise. The ultimate goal of infection prevention activities are to minimize the risk of infection before it can happen. The key question always is: is it really clean?