An Old-fashioned Hand Shake Towards a Patient-Safe World

patient safety

UltraZonic’s partnerships are based on a mutual interest to increase patient safety worldwide. No financial benefits, no commercial obligations, just a solid agreement based on the same passion: patient safety. Please do not hesitate to reach out to these admirable people and experience their vibrant personality yourself. Open-minded, fascinating talks are ahead of you. We strongly believe in the values and norms of the following companies, people and organizations.

Unmistakably Revolutionary


Because Sharing Knowledge Improves Wisdom

PONSIST is the world’s first non-commercial Global Surgical Society where surgeons share practical insights and discuss cases. It’s so so important to share much needed knowledge, in order to improve todays patient safety. Therefore the always pleasant Alinda had created Ponsist, that helps spread life-saving information.


Aseptium has definitely set a new standard in cleaning verification. Pawel and his team are constantly developing innovative decontamination solutions, that truly validate the quality of the cleaning cycle. With its four-dimensional cleaning evaluation, all different cleaning challenges all verified at the same time. This is revolutionary. Rarely have we met such passionate people as Pawel, so eager to discover if cleaning processes truly get the job done.  

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Open-minded, fascinating talks are ahead of you.