Patient Safety

It all starts with a thorough education


As constant innovation runs through UltraZonic’s DNA, a new development is never too far away. We dare challenge today’s cleaning procedures with unseen technologies. UltraZonic keeps improving its designs in order to meet the cleaning needs of today AND tomorrow. Working on solutions that drastically improve today’s cleaning standards. Always being one step ahead, is what unmistakably makes us pioneers in the field. It’s not without reason that we’ve developed the first device worldwide to automatically pre-clean multiple endoscopes.


Knowledge is power. Invest in decent education and take the time to inform your staff why they are doing such an important job. Raising awareness is key in the road towards patient-safe instruments. Our devices guide the user through the entire cleaning process, with an easy control panel where they can follow each step. 


By regularly organizing Patient Safety Academies, UltraZonic wishes to contribute to the intensive retraining of hospital staff. It is only by investing in decent education AND efficient cleaning devices, that we reach the highest level of patient safety.