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 Demonstrating the effectiveness of a semi-automated pre-cleaning process for flexible endoscopes

Recent studies show that appropriate manual cleaning of endoscopes reduces the number of microorganisms and organic load by 4-6 LOGS or 99,99% (Puri 2017), highlighting the critical importance of thorough pre-cleaning. High level disinfection can only be reached with a decent pre-cleaning process, as this prevents the formation of biofilm. While the pre-cleaning process takes only a short amount of time, its importance in the reprocessing of endoscopes is critical. If the instrument is not

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Let’s meet at Arab Health 2021!

UltraZonic’s founder & CEO Nancy Steenbakkers is very enthusiastic to attend this year’s Arab Health 2021. Make sure schedule your appointment with her via ns@ultrazonic.com or via Whatsapp +32 495 45 00 60.  Interesting open-minded talks with the most passionate woman regarding patient safe cleaning solutions are ahead of you. We can assure you that.

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Is It Really Clean?

Is it really clean? Safeguard your processes to safeguard patients’ safety One can never guard patient safety if the cleaning process itself isn’t guarded in the first place. If control is critical, then we need to ensure validation covers all required aspects. This is what we find most important. We have not come across a more comprehensive test – no test kit like the Aseptium’s VeriTest, checking most difficult to clean elements of modern surgical

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New: Aseptium’s Cleaning Verification Kit

Eye – or in this case ear – opening podcast tackling the pain points with most process challenge devices. Bottomline of the podcast: IS IT REALLY CLEAN AND HOW EFFECTIVE IS YOUR CURRENT PROCESS CHALLENGE DEVICE? Considering there are many different types of washers, we need a test device that analyses all the different approaches. (e.g. does the washer use spray arms or are the instruments physically connected to the washer allowing the water to

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UltraZonic @ Esgena Conference 2018

This Sunday, Nancy will give a lecture on the importance of a filter at the annual Esgena congress in Vienna, in collaboration with the United European Gastroenterology Week. A filter you say? Sounds kind of banal? Well, let me say: it is everything but banal. No matter how advanced your cleaning machine may be, without a properly functioning filter, it is no more than a beautiful, shining piece of equipment. The flyer below will give

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