About Us

Meet UltraZonic, your new partner in infection control technologies

"What started as a bold dream to finally do away with ubiquitous cleaning mistakes, soon turned into a first prototype effectively doing so."

UltraZonic is a Belgium based hi-tech R&D and manufacturing company specialized in infection control technologies. Surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes need a professional focus to avoid cross-contamination. That is UltraZonic’s core-business.

Our team has gained vast experience in the medical industry over the past ten years. We constantly focus on research & development in the technical and medical field to ensure innovative solutions that truly get the job done.

Nancy steenbakkers

UltraZonic’s Founder & CEO Nancy Steenbakkers is driven by 2 big passions:

UltraZonic's Culture


Team Work
Problem solving
Serge Wellens

 Serge is the oldest member of the team, but arguably the most energetic one. He is always in search of the next best new thing as innovation runs through his veins. For example, Serge is the creator of two unique pre-cleaning concepts. (And soon to be three…) Keep your eyes open for his latest creations, as Serge will always keep his mindset open…

The R&D-team prioritize innovative techniques and maintaining a pioneering role. After sales services and technical support are extremely important in the medical field. Our team ensures this is taken care of with dedication. Our team in brief: Client & solution oriented. Innovative and smart. Dynamic and flexible. Excellent problem-solving skills.

info@ultrazonic.com  or +32 3 289 59 79

Thomas Buys

ABC, easy as one two three? Not only the Jackson 5 believe so, but our back-office manager Thomas can relate to this philosophy as well. Being a multilingual cornerstone within the office , he’s the guy you need to reach out to regarding all administrative matters. Fast, punctual, and considerate.

Say hello (or Guten Tag) to Thomas!

Maxime Aerts

Maxime likes to keep things social. Both on- and offline. She has a degree in journalism and communications, and now she’s on a quest to share most needed knowledge concerning pre-cleaning. Make sure to give her a virtual ‘thumbs up’ as she spreads most of these messages throughout our social media channels.

From social media to copywriting to external communications towards international relations. She’s a true all-rounder. You might even catch her in our warehouse as she loves to prepare all the outgoing orders herself. Got a question, request, or you just feel like talking patient safety? Give her a call, Tweet, Pm, Whatsapp. You know the drill. The options are endless.

 +32 3 289 59 79

Olivier Stevens

Meet the guy (read: artist) behind our state-of-the-art devices. All handcrafted from scratch, with an eye for even the smallest details. Olivier constantly strives to deliver perfectly finished devices meeting today’s pre-cleaning standards. Being the passionate welder he is, Olivier guarantees all the devices are top notch quality. Time after time. Making sure they’re not only a pleasure for the eye, but also most efficient and user-friendly to work with.


Daan Scheyltjens

Being the youngest member of our team, Daan certainly has a fresh perspective on today’s R&D. Daan possesses a true hands-on mentality. You can take that very literally as he loves to roll up his sleeves every now and then in the assembly room. Driven by great passion for advanced realizations, it is no overstatement to claim his output is anything but generic!