Gather and share vital, medical information


All-in-one on demand education platform called ‘MIRROR E-LEARNING PLATFORM’, that allows a transfer of knowledge in a fraction of the time that traditional training requires.

Available anywhere and at any time.

Providing an independent and user-friendly digital learning platform with quality educational e-learning content that expands the user’s knowledge and insights so that they can be easily applied in practice.

Rich Media Content‘ that turns any e-learning into an engaging and dynamic learning experience. Our experts from various fields provide a broader view of continuing education

This learning platform with interactive quizzes, “how-to-videos” and facts turns training into an engaging and dynamic learning experience. Covers every possible subject area in a hospital to provide the widest possible range of training and topics. Fully customizable according to the desired requirements.

We highly believe that hospital staff should be able to acquire new knowledge in the most engaging, enjoyable and impactful way to better meet the current challenges in the sector in the future, being time constraints and missing knowledge.



“To gather and share vital, medical information from the field’s true veterans.”

Rather benefitting from all the information/experience that already IS present in the field, instead of creating a lost generation of knowledge.

70% of surveyed staff, experience lack of time as the biggest, current challenge.

-The effective transfer of knowledge plays a key role in maintaining the highest healthcare standardsand the proper use of technological equipment.

– To achieve this transfer of knowledge and experience, a significant investment in time is needed, which has become very scarce these days


  • 70% of care staff report experiencing enormous time pressure during work
  • 17% admit to skipping important steps in cleaning due to lack of time
  • 70% say they received less than one week of training before being placed independently on a ward.
  • Improper use of expensive machinery and materials can increase repair costs
  • It is estimated that 15% to 30% of hospital infections can be prevented if existing professional knowledge is passed on correctly.
  • Little time for continuing education or training due to time constraints
  • Classical classroom training is often time-consuming and difficult to schedule
  • High employee turnover in the medical industry
  • Experienced employees are retiring without the required transfer of their ‘know how’.                
  • A lost generation of knowledge is created
  • The biggest challenge for hospitals all around the world is the successful implementation of training for the medical staff, as a result of the higher demands and fast deployment of new technologically advanced equipment.
  • Increased time constraints result in insufficient time left for the highly required continuous education of hospital staff.

The Ultrazonic Patient Safety Academy not only educates on achieving higher levels of patient safety, it also provides effective tools and procedures about how to use all kinds of medical-technological equipment. Effective training is critical to the success of your business, because when knowledge is implemented correctly, it increases the efficiency and productivity of your organization.





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