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Zero Bacterial Tolerance

A New (R)evolution in Endoscope Cleaning

A New (R)evolution in Endoscope Cleaning

As a technician, doctor, infection control specialist or other healthcare professional using endoscopes, guaranteeing a clean endoscope is a major challenge.
The complexity of flexible endoscopes requires extra attention and accuracy when cleaning.
Take responsibility, and ensure instruments are cleaned precisely. Every cleaning step must be observed before high-level disinfection.
Our device finally makes cleaning an easy and controlled process.

Clean it, Clean it, Clean it

Control on every cleaning step: ​

  • Leak test
  • Channel rinsing and contact time chemistry
  • Brush procedure
  • Rinsing
UltraZonic's Endo covers all these steps semi-automatically, eliminating biofilm and bioburden.

Reprocessing delays may be encountered after performing emergency procedures at night or over the weekend, with the endoscope requiring proper reprocessing by regular staff on the next working day. Delays may also occur in busy departments, with treatments being longer than expected.
In the rush to start the next procedure, pre-cleaning is often cut short or the endoscope is simply set aside until after. Pre-cleaning doesn’t take long, but is essential in the cleaning process. Pre-cleaning must always be performed, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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