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A new (r)evolution in Endoscope Cleaning


As we speak, patient safety can still not be ensured during an endoscopic examination. Several studies show that the present reprocessing and process control procedures are not sufficiently adequate and safe.

High level disinfection can only be reached with a decent pre-cleaning as this avoids the formation of biofilm. It doesn’t take long, but is essential in the cleaning process. If it’s not clean, it certainly cannot be made sterile.

Manual cleaning is generally effective but difficult to control in practice. UltraZonic has responded to this key issue by developing a device that automatically performs all cleaning steps in pre-cleaning, all tracked & traced. And so the ENDO, an unmistakably (r)evolutionary device in endoscope reprocessing, was born…

  • User-friendly: guides the user through the entire endoscope cleaning process with its approachable control panel
  • Tackles current education issues due to time shortage and/or unawareness
  • No more risk of missed/misperformed steps
  • 100% #traceability: all actions are recorded and can be reviewed later
  • No manual intervention or supervision required
  • Automation of the pre-cleaning procedure
  • Cleans multiple endoscopes simultaneously
  • Prolonged operation life of the instruments: far less damaged endoscopes (leakage test on a dry surface + natural length of the scope is respected)
  • Ergonomic design: height-adjustable
  • Instant increase in production speed and employee efficiency
  • Time-saving

Unmistakably Revolutionary

why ENDO

For a technician, doctor, infection control specialist or other healthcare professional using endoscopes, guaranteeing a clean endoscope is a major challenge.

In the rush to start the next procedure, pre-cleaning is often cut short or the endoscope is simply set aside until after. Too often hospitals need to compromise on time, staff and education, resulting in poor cleaning results.

On top of that, the complexity of flexible endoscopes requires extra attention and accuracy when cleaning. However, all the above may not form any excuse as patients life are literally at stake procedure after procedure.

UltraZonic’s philosophy is to correctly perform all cleaning steps, without the risk of skipping them. Many years ago, in our quest to tackle current contamination issues in endoscope cleaning, we developed the first device to automatically perform and track & trace the entire cleaning procedure. Brushing procedure included, thanks to an integrated camera recording this step. This is still the only device worldwide that can guarantee no steps can be skipped or misperformed.

Save valuable space and time, by cleaning multiple endoscopes simultaneously. This is much needed technology to eliminate avoidable cleaning mistakes and guarantee a patient safe outcome. Don’t wait to integrate automated traceability systems in your cleaning routine until it’s obligated to do so. Do so because you care about your patients’ lives. Today.

Just connect your endoscope, and the ENDO will do all the work for you. In a safe, efficient and trustworthy way. Procedure after procedure. Our ENDO finally makes cleaning an easy and controlled process.

how does it work?

By leak testing your endoscope on a dry surface you will prevent more internal damage. Tiny leakages are mostly discovered in the last 30 seconds.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance to respect the 2-minute leakage time before immerging it in water for first flushing. If the leakage test has failed, you will not be able to continue the process. That way infections or further internal damage do not stand a chance.

After a successful leakage test, the shelves will automatically go down to start the first flushing. In the meanwhile, the sink has automatically been filled with detergent and water, thoroughly rinsing all the channels with respect for the correct water temperature and detergent contact time.

Already allowing biofilm and bioburden to breakdown.

Since the channels have already been flushed, the intensive brushing of the dry channels will go a lot smoother and all the week debris will be removed much easier, preventing internal damage (scratches).

FACT: our ENDO records the entire brushing procedure with an integrated camera, as it is the only manual intervention. Afterwards, the video report can always be advised. In other words, 100% traceability of the entire cleaning procedure is ensured. This technology is unseen and most revolutionary.

Removing all the remaining debris that were loosened by the brushing procedure. An extra flush guaranteeing all channels have been thoroughly cleaned. The device is now ready for disinfection.

State-of-the-art design

It takes no Sherlock Holmes to notice that the design of our ENDO isn’t comparable to any known endoscopy sink in the field. Let’s talk about material choices.

The ENDO is made out of the highly hygienic HI-MACS ®.  HI-MACS® is internationally LGA-certified as being resistant against dirt, viruses, bacteria and numerous chemicals, which make it the first material of choice in the healthcare sector.

It does not absorb humidity and is extremely stain-resistant. Besides that, it has a smooth, non-porous surface, to prevent the penetration of any liquids. Being completely sterile, this material contains absolutely no toxic substances and it is easy to clean. Therefore making the proliferation of bacteria and mould almost impossible.

ENDO in pictures

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