Is It Really Clean?

Is it really clean?

Safeguard your processes to safeguard patients’ safety

One can never guard patient safety if the cleaning process itself isn’t guarded in the first place. If control is critical, then we need to ensure validation covers all required aspects. This is what we find most important. We have not come across a more comprehensive test – no test kit like the Aseptium’s VeriTest, checking most difficult to clean elements of modern surgical instruments. It simultaneously verifies cleaning of shadowed bottom surfaces, narrow gaps, vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Are all your instruments flat?

It is an important point for us, and it distinguishes Aseptium’s test from others, let’s call them more traditional process challenge devices that only test one surface in one orientation. It may seem drastic to say it out loud, but this is “traditional” thinking seems to us completely outdated. Consider this: all surgical instruments are three dimensional and most contain difficult to clean elements like narrow gaps in scissors and clamps which means they are not cleaned evenly all around, so it is essential to evaluate hose different challenges at the same time to verify the process correctly.

Time to unify two unique, quality products by testing our Med device’s cleaning efficiency, using Aseptium’s verification tools! How thoroughly does our ultrasonic cleaner (ref. Med device), clean surgical instruments? Only one way to find out: test it, test it, test it!


We’ve tested the cleaning procedure using the following 2 tools:

VertiTest AW: Tool to verify the cleaning effectiveness of all automated washers

VeriTest TPC: Tool developed to verify the entire cleaning process (TPC = Total Process Control).

For the full instructions for use please make sure to check the website from Aseptium.

Used detergent: Borer chemistry

Temperature: start at 32°C and end at 37°C

Time: 10 minutes in our/UltraZonic ultrasonic cleaner (ref. Med device)

Moment of truth:

After 10 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning with 2% detergent, our device successfully removed all contamination on the tags.

Side note: every VeriTestTag comes inoculated with unique non-synthetic protein-based test soil (representing the most difficult and stubborn contamination to clean!), making it 100% ready for the next decontamination step.

The Med’s unique frequency modulation, combined with the right detergent and water temperature, has made it possible to achieve this amazing result. Guaranteeing surgical instruments are now 100% ready for the next reprocessing step.

Aseptium has come up with an innovative way of testing your cleaning efficiency, truly revealing whether your ultrasonic washer or washer-disinfectors get the job done.

Collaborating towards improvement

We love teaming up with like-minded people such as Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski from Aseptium, uplifting today’s reprocessing by giving honest feedback. Eager to learn, happy to turn feedback into better practice. Let’s keep on improving today’s cleaning game!

Control, improve, repeat!

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